One Room Challenge- Week 2 (Wall covering)

Updated: Mar 11

Welcome back, this is Week 2 of the One Room Challenge Spring 2020! If you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge (ORC), it is a biannual event where designers (re)design one room over a six week period and share weekly progress of our journey. And the icing on the cake; BETTER HOMES & GARDENS IS THE OFFICIAL MEDIA PARTNER OF THE ORC!

If you're new to my blog, click here for a 2 minute read about week 1, where I introduce my Design Plan. This week I am tackling wall covering and paint selection.

You may be aware, I am designing a girls room for my daughters, age 4 and 6. While searching for Wallpaper, I was looking for a design that was soft yet bold, something with an analogous design whereby a variety of pink was used. I wanted all the colours to match well to create a serene and comfortable design. I found many wallpaper options however, they were either too subtle or too bold and I needed something harmonious with contrast. As the One Room Challenge drew closer, I still had not located a wallpaper that resonated and could not move forward with my design. I decided this would not hinder me from moving forward so I designed my own wall covering. I reached out to an artist CreatebyBrittniBell whom I've worked with previously to create custom artwork. I described my design plan for the wall covering, provided the colour scheme and preferred brush strokes as well as inspiration. After a few sketches, the wall paper (below) was birthed and I could not be happier.

And just like that, my design plan began to flourish and the idea of finding wall paper turned into me designing a wall mural- the inspiration for my design concept. A wall mural is a digital photographic image with less symmetry and much larger repeats. Wall murals are useful for one wall design and wallpaper can be used on an accent wall or an entire room. The application for the wall mural is quite simple, an adhesive backing that peels and sticks to the wall.

My goal is to select a soft pink as my wall paint, and use the mural for an accent wall. My top two contenders for Paint are Elephant Pink and Wispy Pink.

Elephant Pink:

Wispy Pink :

Elephant pink and Wispy Pink are very similar and soft in colour, however Elephant pink has a yellow undertone and Wispy Pink has an airy feel. I am leaning towards Wispy Pink, and I tend to sway back and forth. So stay tuned to my instagram for live updates.

Here in Toronto we are still on lockdown, and with minimal budget I'll be installing the wall mural and painting with my partner's support.

Well that's one item off my task list. As the days go by I get new ideas and new tasks. I've added wall panelling to this list and I'll tell you all about it next week.

Here's an idea of how the wall mural will look paired with the painted wall. The layout of this room is very similar to my girls room however my girls require two twin beds as they are sharing a room.

Image taken from Pinterest - Design by MrKate

And there you have it, week 2 of the one room challenge. Don't forget to click here to check out the other designers on this journey. Follow my Instagram BDinteriordesign for more updates

Until next week!

XOXO Brenda