One Room Challenge Spring 2020- Reveal

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Welcome to Week 8 of the One Room Challenge, Final Reveal! This was my first time entering the One Room Challenge and I must say this was no easy feat but boy was it worth it. Our design community and ORC participants are so thankful that Linda Weinstein and Better Homes & Gardens created this platform for the One Room Challenge. During this time of unrest with a pandemic and a new civil rights movement, Designers were able to somewhat cope by maintaining our busyness with the challenge. It would not be possible without our community so thank you for your support.

If you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge (ORC), it is a biannual event where designers (re)design one room over a six week period and share weekly progress of our journey. Extra time was provided due to the pandemic. BETTER HOMES & GARDENS IS THE OFFICIAL MEDIA PARTNER OF THE ORC, how cool is that!

Let's get into it. If you're new to my blog, welcome. I'm Brenda Danso the designer behind BD Interior Design based in Toronto, Canada. For this One Room Challenge I decided to tackle the bedroom of my girls age (6) and (4). Take note, these two were the most challenging clients I've ever had, EVER. They were quite demanding with the colour scheme and impatient that this project would take 8 weeks. So after my initial consultation with these clients whereby they finally agreed to have a pink room if "hot pink" was incorporated.

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Here is a reminder of what the room looked like before:

My plan was to transform this blank canvas (above) into the Ultimate Dreamy Girls Room.

The initial step was coming up with a full design concept. However before going to this step, I started searching for a wallpaper that would inspire my design. As the One Room Challenge drew closer, I was unlucky with my find and designed my own wall covering. I reached out to an artist Brittni Bell and following a few sketches, the wall paper (below) was birthed.

A wall mural is a digital photographic image with less symmetry and much larger repeats. Wall murals are useful for one wall design and wallpaper can be used on an accent wall or an entire room. The application for the wall mural is quite simple, an adhesive backing that peels and sticks to the wall.

Below is my design Concept.

Color Scheme: I wanted the room to feel; bright and Airy with a punch of colour.

For the paint colour I wanted something soft and breathable to compliment the wallpaper so I went with Wispy Pink by Benjamin Moore.

Prior to painting the walls Pink, I added paneling to the wall for added details. The panels were installed by loading a caulking gun with panel adhesive and applying a small dab of it to the panels. Following this step, the panels were placed on the wall and pressed into the adhesive. After gluing the panels to the wall, I further secured the panels with finishing nails.

In a world where representation matters, it was important that my girls were able to see some melanin in their room so the images from sheisthisdesign was perfect for this sister duo.

Before we go into more of the details, I'm very pleased that I was able to source many pieces from local small business owners. The girls have an amazing view of nature and greenery so it was important that I would incorporate natural elements into this design.

This rug inspired the accent colours for the custom wood pieces. I really wanted to draw inspiration and highlight the subtle blues from the rug into the wood. Studiogokule has been instrumental in customizing these beautiful pieces to complete the design.

Playful details were added such as this basket where the girls store their "stuffies".

A featured flower wall was added with a neon sign. I struggled to capture those images and will share them soon on my social media so make sure you're following BDInteriordesign.



Metal Platform Bed

Medallion Rug


Tree Stomp and Swing

Neon Sign


Picture Frames


Giraffe Artwork-Homesense

Curtains- Homesense

Vintage Mirror-Homesense

Decor Pillows -Bed bath and Beyond

Flooring- Torlys

Paint Color -Whispy Piink by Benjamin Moore

A special shot out to janellegokuleinterior for capturing these beautiful images.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and I look forward to seeing you again in the Fall One Room challenge!

And there you have it, Final Reveal of the one room challenge. Don't forget to click here to check out the other designers on this journey.

Until Next Time XoXo Bee