One Room Challenge-Week 3 Pink Room

Image by Ladyfinger Lounge

Hello and welcome!

My name is Brenda, lead designer of BD Interior Design; an interior design studio here in Toronto Canada.

This Spring I decided to join the One Room Challenge! If you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge (ORC), it is a biannual event where designers (re)design one room over a six week period and share weekly progress of our journey. And the icing on the cake; BETTER HOMES & GARDENS IS THE OFFICIAL MEDIA PARTNER OF THE ORC! If you're new to my blog, click here for a 2 minute read about week 2, you can also find week one blog, where I introduce my Design Plan. This week I am sharing updates on painting and wall paneling.

You may be aware that I am redesigning a girls room for my daughters (4) and (6). Last week I was contemplating between two paint colours (elephant Pink and Wispy Pink) for the girls room. I landed on Wispy Pink (top paint) which offers a light and airy feel to the room.

Prior to painting the walls Pink, I added paneling to the wall for added details. The panels were installed by loading a caulking gun with panel adhesive and applying a small dab of it to the panels. Following this step, the panels were placed on the wall and pressed into the adhesive. After gluing the panels to the wall, I further secured the panels with finishing nails.

Note that preparation involved sketching the design plan on paper, taking measurements and using a level to highlight the areas where the panels were added.

Tips: Be sure to wear safety glasses and proper protection if you plan to take on a DIY project like this. Scroll down to see before and after(paneling and paint):

Above Panels were primed before painting the wall pink. Also note I used Spackle to fill the holes in the wall prior to painting.

After this picture was taken, I decided to add more panels to the top of the frames to eliminate negative space on the wall. Now that the walls are painted and details have been added, I will add the wallpaper below as an accent wall.

I designed this wallpaper myself and specifically for the One Room Challenge. If you missed the story behind this wallpaper check week 2 post.

My Design Plan has changed slightly. As I check off my task list I add new items. And just as I added the panels, I've also decided to add a swing to the room. And instead of this white nightstand, I've opted for a natural wood table to bring in some earthy elements.

I'll tell you all about the swing and wood table next week along with pictures of the wallpaper installation. For live updates, let's get Social (while distancing of course ) - follow along at BDinteriordesign for more updates.

And there you have it, week 3 of the one room challenge. Don't forget to click here to check out the other designers on this journey.

Until next week!

XOXO Brenda