Five Easy Steps to Transform Your Patio into an Oasis!

This year Summer seems short lived. Whether your patio space is sizeable or small like this 10'x6' patio, know that it is not too late to take advantage of Patio Season. Keep reading for Five Easy Steps to Transform Your Patio into an Oasis!

1. Step One - Add a rug

One of the first steps taken in this small patio transformation was adding a rug. Our indoor sitting area extends to the patio so, we wanted this space to be an extension of a cozy living space. We opted for this sisal rug- it is stain resistant, has a natural look and is ideal for the outdoors.

2. Step Two- Add Furniture that maximizes space and seating- GO Big or don't even start LOL

We reviewed our floor plan and measured for furniture that would allow us to maximize the space and seating. The trick to furnishing a small space is to go big with your furniture and utilize the space wisely. One mistake people often make is ordering furniture that is too small. Measure Twice, five times if this is not your day job to ensure that your furnishings is ideal for your space. This patio was able to accommodate a three piece patio set. And when we have guest, we add a side table to ensure guest can place their food and drinks on the table easily.

3. Step Three- Hang curtains for privacy

Curtains provide privacy solution, it's temporary- renter friendly and inexpensive. We chose sheer flowing curtains for a breezy, airy feel.

4. Step four-Make a statement with Lighting

Lighting is a necessity if you want to wind down at the end of the day. As the sun goes down , lighting will illuminate the space. We added string lights for a relaxed ambience, it is also weatherproof and can be used indoor or outdoors.

5. Step five -Bring in Greenery with plants.

If you don't have a green thumb then go faux. We added a hint of a faux greenery garland, and a small lemon tree for added colour.

For extra seating you can opt for a multifunctional option, such as a stool or floor pillows.

Once you have all the essentials above- toss on some throw pillows create your favourite spread, mix your favourite tropical beverage, then crank up the music and enjoy some alone time or invite your loved ones over.

This tablescape was created using a bread tray to store the mangos, and a Charcuterie Board to host the Summery Fruits. Lastly, a space is incomplete without personal touches and this wooden beaded garland adds interest to the table. For custom orders and your own beaded garland send us an email

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And there you have it, Five Easy Steps to Transform Your Patio into an Oasis! If you enjoyed this post comment below and share.

Xoxo BD