Creating a WFH Office Set up


First Step - Choose a Room or Area

The very first step in creating your home office setup is to choose a room to transform into your office or designate an area of your home as your office space.

If you need privacy then pick an area that is enclosed or has a lock on the door. Ideally, if you can, separate yourself from noisy rooms with frequent interruptions.

Remember, any area of your home can become a workspace. This is of course if you do not have a designated home office. So think of your bedroom, dining area, living area, corner nooks.

Bedroom workspace

Low traffic area make for great office set up. This setup is nestled in the corner near a window. This offers great natural lighting and less noise.

Home Office Set Up Essentials



To have a fully functional office, you will need a desk. There are several desk options; Writing desk and floating shelves are great space saving desks. Leaning and ladder desk are multi functional and have great storage. Standard budget for a desk can range from $150-700.

Desk buying guide

During this COVID Season , you can try the following stores for delivery options: Ikea, Structube, Bouclair, Wayfair, and CB2.

Position of your desk will depend on location of office space.

Other Requirements:If you work with electronic devices, it's a good idea to position your desk near electrical outlets. Some desk styles don't come with much (or any) built-in storage space, so keep that feature in mind if you work with a lot of materials that need to be kept neat, tidy, and close-at-hand.

If you like to stand, you can choose a height adjustable desk.


Depending on your office set up you may decide to get a chair with wheels or a stylish chair without wheels.

Image: Wayfair

Also, if you have a high pile carpet and and chair with wheels, it requires more efforts to roll which may strain your back.

If you're thinking about a rolling chair, you may also want a chair mat. A chair mat will protect your floor from spills and scuff marks, and will make it easier to roll your chair.


Depending on your work needs, you may need storage solutions beyond the drawers or cabinets included in some desk options. Storage options include Cabinets, Book case, Bins and Containers.


Storing files and documents in drawers may not be ideal for organization – instead, opt for a filing cabinet. If your desk doesn't have storage options included, choose a desktop organizer.


Now repeat after me, lighting is EVERYTHING and so necessary. If the desk you choose has the space, go with a classic desk lamp. If not, a stylish floor lamp directed toward your workstation will do the job just as well. If you want to take on a more involved light installation, think about installing a gorgeous pendant light or track light above your desk.

Tip- it's a good idea to shop for light bulbs with lower wattages than those you'd use for your everyday household lighting.


Now that you have your essentials lets add some decor, after all it is a home office.

Think about things that will inspire you and make you more productive: plants, flowers, decorative objects, wall art-inspirational quotes, and more.

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There you have it, ways to Create a Work From Home Space.

Until Next Time - xoxo Brenda