Updated: Mar 13

Have you heard of the proverbial phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?” So if you followed my stories on Instagram, you would note that on Sunday I had a photoshoot to help with my rebranding. I was blessed to have two of my friends with me during the photoshoot. So as they helped with styling for the shoot, I prepared to change into my second outfit. Now, as they went to grab the outfits/shoes these items had disappeared. In other words they were stolen. I won’t get into details of exactly what was taken but know that it was valuable. Despite the incident, all I could do was suck it up and finish my shoot.

Although I was quite disappointed with thoughts of who’s and why’s, these thoughts led me back to how privileged I was. Adding to this, on my way out of the facility I came across a homeless person laying on the ground with no socks, escaping -21 degree weather. As I continued to reflect on what happened, I couldn’t allow myself to be upset.

So following my shoot, I went to a Thai Restaurant, enjoyed great company with great friends and again reflected on my blessings (as seen in the attached photo). So back to the phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” often times in life we’re faced with misfortune, adversity among many challenges; despite this we must not let the sourness in that difficult time distract us from the sweetness of life. So we can sulk in sourness or turn those lemons into a sweet drink. I will always choose the latter, so cheers to Pink Lemonade and what ever sweet drink you settle on.