5 Tricks To A Sexy Bedroom

Your bedroom should be 3 things; Personal, Comfortable and Curated!

So keep all non-bedroom activities OUT of the bedroom. It just kills the vibe. Your bedroom is your happy space, a retreat from all the stress in your life so make it your sanctuary.

1. Lighting is Everything!

Have you heard of the modern term LIT, yes just like that, your bedroom should be lit (literally). This means at least three points of light, which is typically two reading lamps and one opposite. Low light is just plain sexy.

2. Warm Colors, But Not Too Warm!

AVOID red-light district red and go for warm greys, lavender, warm greens, browns, tans, rose (if you really want it feminine).

3. Keep it Quiet!

Peace and quiet is a must in a sexy bedroom. It communicates privacy, intimacy and coziness. To quiet down even the noisiest bedroom you simply need to add a lot of fabric to dampen the sound. Heavy, tall curtains and a good rug or wall to wall carpet will do most of the heavy lifting here. Headboards are excellent for absorbing sound while you're in bed. Armchairs add a luxurious touch to the bedroom.

4. Keep it Soft with Luxury Bedding.

I know I said lighting is everything but great bedding is also a must. You want to consider all the senses when in the bedroom and softness of touch is a big one. Lovely, high quality bedding under your body will get you far. Have you laid in a hotel bed and said to yourself, what kind of bedding is this? It's good ol' quality bedding. To keep it sexy, go white.

5. Keep it Grown and Sexy with Mirror's.

While some may feel mirrors make them too self-conscious, it's worth the risk. An attractive, large standing mirror or wall mirror is super stimulating and can take you to new heights. If it's a large standing mirror, you can easily move it if you want to as well.

However you decide to style your bedroom, make sure it is personal, comfortable and curated to your liking!